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Session 4: Trends Mixer: What To Expect As The Industry Evolves

The tumult of the past two years has upended standard operating procedures, forcing rapid change in an industry that is already in constant evolution. In this session, a range of experts will discuss everything from food and retail trends to tech advancements to airline strategies and more. 

Coordinator: Shafer Ross, Associate Editor, Airport Experience News

Presentation 1: 
Airline Actions And Their Impact On Airports

Airline strategies are shifting again in the wake of the pandemic. Some airports will thrive, others will falter as carriers shift attention to select markets and leave others behind. Find out the factors at play and which airports are most vulnerable in this still-tumultuous time in aviation. 

Speaker: William Swelbar, Chief Industry Analyst, Swelbar-Zhong Consultancy

Presentation 2: 
Food & Beverage Outlook

The right menu offering is crucial to success for any restaurant, and finding the right mix is constantly moving target as consumer tastes evolve. The National Restaurant Association’s “What’s Hot 2022 Culinary Forecast” breaks down what to expect this year. 

Speaker: B. Hudson Riehle, Senior Vice President, Research & Knowledge Group, National Restaurant Association

Presentation 3: 
Using Digital Technology To Enhance Non-Aero Revenue

Last fall, Meehan Aviation Group was tasked by ACRP to examine the use of digital technology and how it impacts non-aeronautical revenues. Hear about the findings thus far.

Speaker: Sonjia Murray, Managing Director, The Meehan Aviation Group

Presentation 4:
Optimizing Airport Revenue Through An Al-Powered Digital Marketplace

A new generation of travelers has shopping and experience expectations that differ from what is currently standard at many North American airports. Find out how an Al-powered digital marketplace can improve the customer experience, maximize efficiency and grow revenue.

Speaker: Joe Waller, Chief Revenue Officer, FetchyFox

Presentation 5:
Finding Synergies in Non-Traditional Markets

COVID-19 has changed the landscape for all sectors of non-traditional dining and shopping. Learn how on campus retail dining directors and operators are reshaping their programs, from using ghost kitchens in closed spaces to electric vehicles that travel to underserved areas on campus, to meet the needs of another captive audience, students.

Speaker: Jim Gregory, Managing Partner, OnCampus Brands

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February 28 @ 07:30
07:30 — 09:00 (1h 30′)