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Session 7: Panel Discussion: Pandemic Wanes But Problems Persist – Addressing Long-Term Challenges For Airport Concessionaires

Passengers are back, airport terminals and concourses are thrumming with activity and commerce. But all is not well for airport concessionaires, many of whom are now faced with repaying the money they borrowed to weather the pandemic. At the same time, labor, build-out and other costs have skyrocketed. This panel will explore solutions to those challenges and others, with the goal of finding common ground for airports and their concessionaire partners.

Moderator: Ken Buckner, Director, Concessions Planning and Management, Unison Consulting

Speakers: Pam Dechant, Senior Vice President Concessions, Denver International Airport; Cheryl Nashir, Director, Renevue Development & Management, San Francisco International Airport; Andrew Weddig, Executive Director, Airport Restaurant & Retail Association; Kevin Westlye, COO and President, High Flying Foods

February 28 @ 14:00
14:00 — 15:00 (1h)

Colorado A