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Air Canada Envisions Cooperation With WestJet On Non-Competitive Issues

Air Canada parent company ACE Aviation foresees a more cooperative relationship with rival WestJet since WestJet admitted earlier this week that certain executives had obtained password-protected information illegally and agreed to pay fines. ACE Aviation chairman Robert Milton told reporters that the industry in Canada “will be able to far more effectively speak with one voice.” He said, “One of the real problems that we’ve had as an industry worldwide is that we don’t speak with one voice, so we’re constantly divided and conquered in dealing with airports and air traffic control.” Milton said the incident with WestJet is behind them and the two could focus on areas of common ground, including skyrocketing fuel costs, high costs for using Canadian airports and air traffic control. “There is inadequate oversight and governance of airports, of the air- traffic control system, and so changes need to be made,” Milton said.

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