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Conference Dates
Monday, April 1, 2024– Thursday, April 4, 2024

Gaylord Texan | Dallas, TX

AX Awards Gala
Thursday, April 4
7 pm – 10 pm

AX 2024 Awards Program

Nomination Rules and Process

Thank you for your interest in participating in the nominations process for the 2024 Airport Experience Awards! We hope to hear from all our industry colleagues as we seek to spotlight some of the best concepts, operators and concessions teams in North American Airports.

– There will be a single round of nominations, ending November 10, 2023. Finalists will be revealed to the industry in December. A pre-selected Awards Committee, consisting of more than 20 industry executives, will vote on the finalists. Winners will be revealed at the 2024 AX Awards Gala at the Airport Experience Conference.

– Concepts eligible for nomination must have opened within the following timeframe: July 1, 2021 – July 1, 2023. Any nominees that fall outside these timeframes will be ineligible.

– Submission forms are available for each category. Please make sure to answer the questions as thoroughly as possible.

– Nominations submitted into incorrect categories will not be included for voting. Please read each category definition carefully.

– When submitting photos, please ensure that they are high resolution. If the image is too large, please email [email protected] using a file transfer service such as WeTransfer or Drop Box, clearly identifying the image and nomination category.


Act Now – Airport Awards Nominations Deadline is Friday, November 10, 2023.

QUESTIONS? CONTACT US AT [email protected]

Airport with the Highest Regard For Customer Service

A North American airport that focuses on creating a culture of exemplary customer service through its efforts in training staff, communicating initiatives to its tenants and maintaining adherence to its mission.

Airport with the Best Commercial Management Team

The collective efforts and talents of the commercial management staff has resulted in a best-in-class airport program.

Airport with the Best Overall Program

A North American airport that excels in providing an array of options in their food, retail, and services program that satisfies the needs and tastes of various travelers.

Airport with the Best Program Design

A North American airport that features an engaging and visually stunning environment that exceptionally blends flow and function, with a design that distinguishes it from all others.

Best Bar Experience

A bar that incorporates equal parts knowledgeable staff, expansive drink menu and unique atmosphere. Although there is a food offering, this is known more for its bar component.

Best Local-Inspired Restaurant

A restaurant with a menu inspired by a notable chef and/or the tastes and cuisines of a region.

Best Local-Inspired Store

A retail concept that expertly combines a product line predominantly featuring local items, crafts and souvenirs with a store designed to replicate the look and feel of the region.

Best Casual Dining Concept

A casual dining concept providing a high-quality, exceptional experience for travelers in a casual format. This offering can be a national, regional or proprietary brand.

Best Quick-Serve Restaurant Concept

A quick-service concept providing a high-quality, exceptional experience for travelers in a quick-turnaround format. This quick-service offering can be a national, regional or proprietary brand.

Best Overall Restaurateur

A restaurateur who excels in every phase of operations, marketing, customer service, creativity and food quality.

Best Overall Retailer

A retailer who excels in every phase of operations, customer service, merchandising, and marketing.

Restaurateur with the Highest Regard For Customer Service

A restaurateur whose emphasis on and passion for premier customer service is exemplified through all aspects of a restaurant, from the wait staff to the bar staff, to make a diner’s experience memorable.

Retailer with the Highest Regard For Customer Service

A retailer whose emphasis on and passion for premier customer service is borne out of its focus on detailed employee and product knowledge training, and is experienced by the traveler thanks to the execution of its principles through all levels of onsite staff.

Best ACDBE Operator

An ACDBE-certified business that has shown excellence in its operations and has proven to be a valuable and involved partner.

Best Passenger Service

A non-food, non-retail concept that provides various comforts and amenities to travelers. (Note, this category excludes lounges.)

Best Lounge Experience

A lounge concept that offers the best experience for travelers, combining extraordinary food and drink options, spacious and comfortable surroundings, a visually stunning environment and unique amenities.

Best Technology Initiative In Airports

An award that acknowledges a customer-facing technology initiative that streamlines processes, enhances convenience or adds excitement and delight to the traveler’s journey.

Best Sustainability Initiative In Airports

An award that acknowledges a sustainability initiative that results in a significant reduction in the entity’s impact on the environment at the airport.

Outstanding Woman in Leadership

A woman who not only embodies stellar leadership qualities within her organization and within the broader airports and concessions industries, but who also actively mentors young women as they navigate their own journeys in the industry.

DE&I Trailblazer

An individual who advocates for expanded diversity and inclusion within the airport and concessions industry, actively striving for more robust programs and initiatives to ensure representation within the leadership ranks and workforce of their organization.

Why Attend

For more than a decade, the airport concessions industry has chosen the Airport Experience® Conference as the annual must-attend event. Airport executives, commercial property managers, CEOs, concession decision-makers, business development directors and more converge each year to do business and keep current with the trends.

If you work in the airport or concessions industry, then there is no other event with these opportunities to connect and network with hard-to-reach decision-makers.


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