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Areas Become Larges Commercial Operator At Malaga

Areas has been awarded 11 shops and restaurants at Malaga, making it the largest commercial operator at the airport.

Revenues during the five-year contract are expected to be €55M ($80.8M) and 60 jobs are expected to be created.

As part of the line-up, the first National Geographic store in Spain will be at the airport; there will also be a Ferrari Store, Adidas, Sibarium, three locations of The Sweet Market, Adolfo Dominguez, Cottet, jewelers and Travel Mate.

“We are especially satisfied and excited to have been awarded the concession for these establishments,” says Eligio Bianchi, general manager of distribution and corporate at Areas. Malaga airport is a new challenge for us in a strategic tourist center where we will demonstrate our experience and excellent management, since it is one of the most important airports in the Spanish mainland.”

In other Areas news…

The company will be bringing food services to commuter flight traffic at the new Terminal 1 at El Prat Barcelona Airport.

Medas, Medas Beer and La Pausa will serve Mediterranean food, beer and snacks, and home-style meals on the go, respectively, at the airport.

In addition to the dining offerings, Areas will also open two new shops: Divers and Sibarium.