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ARN Announces New Process For Director Of Year

In an effort to broaden the voting pool for its Director of the Year award, Airport Revenue News has announced a new selection process. The new procedure entails a broad outreach effort encouraging all participants of the airport industry to select their favorite airport directors (first- and second-choice picks are requested) in both the large/medium and small airport director categories. All votes will remain anonymous.

Participants will choose their favorite directors based on the following criteria: leadership strength; management abilities; partnership-building skills; innovative thinking; and revenue focus. The directors (one in the large/medium category and one in the small category) receiving the most mentions will become the winner of ARN’s 2008 Director of the Year award and his/her qualities will be highlighted as to why they were selected.           

The process will be initiated this month for the 2008 award, and ballot forms will be sent via e-mail on Monday, July 21. Go to www.airportrevenuenews or e-mail [email protected] if you do not receive your ballot.