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No Liquids Directive Impacts Sales Pre-Security
Airports across the country and their concessionaires are experiencing varying impacts on sales of liquid and gel products due to the TSA’s new directive issued last Thursday, to ban these items onboard flights. At Miami International (MIA) tenants have continued to sell bottled water and consumable liquids before and after security with the understanding that all concession sales associates must advise customers to consume the drinks before entering security checkpoints, or prior to entering the aircraft if purchased airside, according to Patricia Ryan, manager commercial operations for MIA.

Vigilant communication by airports to the public and to passengers lightened the burden somewhat the day after reports of a Heathrow Airport terrorism scare in England. “We have found that the traveling public had to dispose of more items yesterday [Thursday, August 10th] than today, so the message seems to be getting out to the public,” she notes.

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