BOI Upgrade Promises Modern Infrastructure

Boise International Airport (BOI) is poised to embark on an extensive landside and airside infrastructure modernization, BOI Upgrade, to meet growing passenger demand that could reach 4 million annually this year.

“BOI Upgrade begins this January when construction commences on an employee parking garage,” Sean Briggs, BOI marketing & communications manager, says, adding the employee garage will be followed in late 2020 by the building of a new 1,000-space public parking garage, and then a new consolidated rental car facility.

The main component of the upgrade, the new Concourse A with three to six new gates, is expected to be completed in late 2024. Briggs says the new 44,000 square-foot concourse will feature new restaurants and retail options as well as office space. He says that at least three of the gates will be able to serve larger mainline carrier aircraft.

Briggs adds the new concourse will be similar in design to BOI’s Concourse B, which will also be getting some cosmetic upgrades to enhance the traveler experience. “The overall plan is to boost parking capacity and gate capacity,” he says.