Canada Drops COVID-19 Border Restrictions

The Canadian government will drop all COVID-19 border restrictions for travelers entering Canada, beginning October 1. The government will no longer require proof of COVID-19 vaccination and pre- or on-arrival testing, and will eliminate quarantine and isolation requirements.

Canada is also making the ArriveCan application optional and is lifting the mask mandate and health check requirements for travelers on planes and trains.

“Canadian Airports Council (CAC) welcomes today’s announcement from the Government of Canada that all pandemic safety measures, including mandatory masking, will be lifted for air travel on October 1st,” said Monette Pasher, president of the CAC. “The aviation industry was hard-hit over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and has been forced to operate under a complicated and constantly shifting series of restrictions and regulations for over two years.

“We are very pleased that our members and industry partners will soon be back to normal operations and can focus on providing safe and reliable air travel experiences to Canadians and those wishing to visit our country,” she added. “This decision will also help our industry get back on track to becoming a globally competitive one, which will improve our tourism and travel industry overall.”