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Cayman island rum company introduces liter bottle protection

Tortuga Rum Company Ltd., which sells duty-free liquor at 16 retail outlets and three bakeries in the Cayman Islands, has introduced the Liquor Travel Safety Pack, a liquid proof bag with a press-and-seal closure designed to protect travelers’ purchases through the most difficult of trips.
The company tested its invention by putting three bottles in a packed canvas suitcase and dropped it from a window 20 feet above with no breakage, according to a company statement.

“We want our customers to be confident that their liquor purchases will get home safely in their checked luggage,” says Robert Hamaty, founder and president of Tortuga. “The bag is reusable so they can use it when they get home for carrying wine or spirits for boating, camping and picnics.”

Since the Transportation Security Administration limited carry-on liquids, the duty free industry has reported a 17% to 20% decrease in sales, with Tortuga experiencing similar declines, according to the statement. Hamaty hopes the packaging will make customers feel their purchases will be safe despite having to be packed in checked luggage.