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CCA Extends OMA Contract by Three Years

Omaha Airport Authority’s Eppley Airfield (OMA) has extended its current advertising contract with Clear Channel Airports (CCA) by three years.

CCA, known for its digital advertising services in U.S. airports, has worked with OMA since 2009 to bring digital media solutions to the airport’s facilities, with CCA investing nearly half a million dollars during their initial deployment.

Upgrades will be installed at OMA in September, making it the second airport in 2019 to strike a deal with CCA.

“Clear Channel Airports has demonstrated strong commitment to our partnership over the years and as a result Omaha Airport Authority and Clear Channel Airports have had a very good and mutually beneficial working relationship,” said Stanley Kathol, director of finance and administration at OMA. “The new contract and related investment on the part of Clear Channel Airports will bring more enhancements to continue to align with our mission of providing premier customer service and airport facilities through operational excellence.”

The new ad program at OMA by CCA hopes to combine form with function, optimizing marketing space while keeping the airport experience aesthetically pleasing and modern. The project will include a number of changes, including incorporating the Omaha cityscape throughout the airport, LED video walls in the arrivals corridor, digital network access in both baggage claims, static displays, and LED signage along escalators. These improvements will occur alongside the airport’s comprehensive modernization plans.