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CLT Debuts New Overlook

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) has re-opened its publicly accessible Airport Overlook, the airport’s fifth dedicated Overlook since 1937.

The newly designed 600,000-square-foot area offers community members the chance to observe the airfield, skyline, and terminal as well as explore information about the state’s aviation history. The Overlook features a retired U.S. F-4 Phantom II military fighter jet, an interactive, aviation-themed playground, picnic tables, parking, bicycle racks, restrooms and food trucks for visitors to enjoy. The Overlook also pays tribute to the victims of the USAir Flight 1016 crash. 

“The airport knows how important the Overlook is to the local community and we worked diligently to create a place that people of all ages will enjoy,” said CLT chief infrastructure officer Jack Christine. “This space showcases many displays and features that will educate, inspire and create lasting memories.”