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Coca-Cola Sponsors YYC Mural

Calgary Airport Authority has jointly partnered with Coca-Cola and Coke Canada Bottling to create a one-of-a-kind mural installation that depicts a series of scenes along the city’s iconic Bow River. The sponsorship reinforces YYC’s efforts to create a sense of place while driving revenue for the airport.

“We are so proud of the vibrant way this installation brings the beautiful Bow River to life in our airport,” said Tim Barnes, senior director, commercial services for YYC. “It’s been a great journey to develop this artwork that reflects the natural beauty of Calgary and its surrounding region.”

Brought to life by LPi, the installation features nine different scenes representing a diverse variety of human experiences along the Bow River, as well as the wildlife that calls this habitat their home. It was designed to showcase different seasons, sections and activities that are enjoyed along the river.  An important part of sustaining life in our region for thousands of years as a source of drinking water, irrigation, and hydro-electric power, the Bow River is a central part of YYC’s thematic plan.

The mural installation is more than 200 feet. long and 12 feet high, can be found between Concourse C and Concourse D/E and is fittingly named River Walk.   The sponsorship is a part of The Authority’s plan to secure partnerships that will help shape the future of YYC by providing tailored airport experiences in spaces that engage guests and invite brands into the heart of the consumer journey.