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Currency Exchange Services Falter In ACI-NA Survey

ATMs remain popular customer amenities in North American airports and water filling stations are seeing growth, but demand for currency exchange services is declining, according to an Airports Council International – North America survey.

The 2023 Customer Experience Management and Passenger Amenities Survey looked at more than 130 common airport amenities and services found at airports. 85 North American airports – accounting for more than 85.5 percent of North American passenger traffic – provided feedback.

Among the study’s key findings are that ATMs remain the most popular airport amenity, holding on to the spot since 2012, while water bottle refilling stations have grown in popularity since 2020, as have lactation/nursing spaces and hand sanitizer dispensers.

The survey noted more airports are also adapting to the rapid proliferation of ride-sharing services, more airports are now deploying dedicated zones for pickup and drop-off.

Over the next three to five years, the survey found passengers can expect new and expanded amenities, including sensory rooms, hidden disabilities sunflower lanyard programs, art programs, children play areas and nursing facilities as the top-rated amenities, along with general concessions growth.