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Delaware North Teams Up With Celebrity Chef

Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services and celebrity chef Masaharu Morimoto have joined forces to develop a new fast-casual airport restaurant concept.

Skewers will feature yakitori-style meals, which are skewered meats with vegetables grilled and fried and served with rice bowls. This dish is popular in Japan, but little known in the United States. The menu will also feature soups and salads.

“The restaurant will provide travelers with a unique Asian dining experience and connect them with Morimoto’s fabulous interpretation of Japanese cuisine,” says Matt King, president of Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services.

He says the company plans to open the Skewers concept at a few larger airports next year.

“It has been exciting for Delaware North to work with Chef Morimoto and develop Skewers,” he says. “We think this will be a world-class airport restaurant that people will seek out when they travel.”

Morimoto owns and operates Morimoto Restaurants in New York City, N.Y., and Philadelphia, Pa. He has starred in the Food Network’s “Iron Chef” and “Iron Chef America” shows.

“Everyone knows I love a challenge,” Morimoto says. “As soon as my name appears in airports, I know I’ll be counted on to deliver the quality food that all of my operations serve. With Delaware North as my partner, I am confident that I’ll rise to the occasion.”

The restaurant can be developed in a 1,000 sq. ft. space, serving meals that are easily taken on a flight, or as a sit-down dining space in 2,400 sq. ft.