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Delta To Close Comair Concourse At CVG

The Comair concourse at Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International (CVG) will be closing by the end of the year.

Departures from the concourse, run by Delta Air Lines Inc., will be moved to other terminals. The airline expect the concourse to be closed by January, and plans to help add 11 passenger loading bridges and other improvements to Concourses A and B; such improvements are expected to cost $12M and take two to three years.

CVG has experienced about a 25% reduction in the number of flights in the past year, mainly as a result of rising fuel costs.

“The price of fuel is putting a lot of pressure on all of the carriers and all of the airports to which they fly,” says Don Bornhorst, senior vice president of Delta Connection. “With the schedule adjustment we have made, it is allowing us to move those flights around the amenity-rich Concourses A and B.”

Bornhorst says the airline will continue to make payments on its lease, which runs through 2025. Many of the tenants have shops in other concourses and are expected to move to those locations.