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DEN Will Increase Capacity of Trains to Gates

Denver International Airport (DEN) said this week that in anticipation that annual traffic could reach 100 million in 10 years, it is planning to add capacity to the trains to the gates.

“We currently have 31 train cars and 16 of those are 29 years old and have exceeded their useful life with more than 1.4 million miles,” said DEN CEO Phil Washington. “By replacing those 16 cars and adding 10 more, we can ensure our train system is in prime condition while increasing capacity today and again in the future when passenger numbers warrant.”

Currently, DEN primarily operates six four-car trains but can increase to up to seven four-car trains during peak times. With the additional 10 cars, the airport will be able to operate up to eight four-car trains, providing increased capacity. Additionally, the design of the new cars will allow DEN to eventually expand to six-car trains in the future.

The new trains cars were ordered in 2018 and after delays the first four new cars will arrive next year, with all 26 new train cars at DEN by the end of 2023.