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DEN Involved In Environmental Pilot Program

Occupants of the Jeppesen Terminal at Denver International (DEN) are participating in a pilot program to test the feasibility of composting organic materials.

Restaurants and employees of the terminal and airport office building will take part in the program, which is being funded by a grant to the airport and the Denver Department of Public Works from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

“This project will provide us with valuable information on the logistical issues, organics diversion, and economics of composting at the airport,” says Janell Barrilleaux, director of environmental services at DEN. “This information will help us determine the feasibility of making organics collection and composting a permanent program at” DEN.

The airport’s commercial-collection program began in late January and runs for three months. The Denver Department of Public Works began its residential-collection component several months ago.

Barrilleaux says the pilot program will involve collecting organic material from all restaurants and break rooms in the terminal and AOB, with the goal of turning it into reusable compost material.