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DEN Launches Composting Program

Denver International (DEN) has joined forces with Denver, Colo.-based A-1 Organics for a new composting program at the airport.

The partnership comes after last year’s pilot project, which tested the feasibility of composting organic waste at DEN. It will be gathered in select employee break rooms and at all restaurants in the Jeppesen Terminal.

“We’re thrilled to be moving forward with a permanent composting project at the airport,” says Janell Barrilleaux, DEN’s director of environmental programs. “Denver International Airport is a real trailblazer among airports in terms of innovative environmental initiatives, and this new program will allow us to compost organic waste that would otherwise end up in Denver’s landfills.”

A-1 Organics will be providing around 20 “totes,” or composting containers, that hold up to 65 gallons of waste each.