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DEN Offers Options For Land Development

Denver International Airport (DEN) is seeking offers from qualified developers, investors and users for commercial development on airport land. The ground leases span up to 1,500 acres of the airport’s non-aviation land.

DEN is the second largest landowner of any airport in the world, and the largest in North America. Among the airport properties available for development is the West Approach that can potentially serve millions of passengers and airport employees with a variety of hotels, services, retail, restaurants and offices. There are also locations ideal for cargo, logistics, research and development and other markets. The Second Creek area of the airport features large acreages for agribusiness, renewable energy and technology.

In addition to these and other districts, DEN has available land for potential solar development

“By issuing a rolling RFO, we are able to better guide our growth in a way that aligns with our Vision 100 strategic plan which is helping us to prepare to serve 100 million passengers in the next 8 to 10 years,” said DEN CEO Phil Washington. “This commercial development will support DEN by providing non-aeronautical revenue which allows us to keep our costs to our airlines competitive and also provide our community with more employment opportunities for the future.”

Although DEN can close the RFO at any time, DEN Real Estate anticipates keeping the opportunity open for multiple years to allow interested parties an opportunity to present ideas for commercial development at DEN.