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DEN Revenues Increase To Record Number

Denver International (DEN) set a revenue record in 2007.

Its operating revenues of $530.2M were a direct result of higher passenger traffic, a record at 49.8 million and an increase of 5.4% over the previous year.

More passengers meant more concession, parking and car-rental revenues; operating revenues were up 4.3% over the 2006.

 “The airport has been fiscally prudent for a number of years, limiting spending and building up our financial reserves,” says Chief Financial Officer Stan Koniz.  “That puts us in a healthy financial position that will help us weather the current uncertainties in the aviation industry, which include capacity reductions and airline bankruptcies.”

Operating expenses went up 10.8% in 2007 to $290.8M, which was attributed to higher costs for snow removal, personnel costs, janitorial services, and repair and maintenance services.  

The airport finished the year with a net operating income of $80.1M, once depreciation and amortization were factored in.

Facility rentals brought in $205.6M in 2007, the largest single source of operating revenue for DEN.  Parking brought in $116.3M; landing fees brought in $87.3M and car rentals brought in $45M.