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DEN Announces Small Enterprise Concession Opportunities

Denver International Airport (DEN) has designated that four new concession contracting opportunities will be awarded exclusively to local businesses certified as a Small Business Enterprise Concessions (SBEC).

Consistent with the city’s mission to increase small business utilization, the DEN opportunities for small business owners consist of a concourse center West Coffee Kiosk, a B concourse center East Coffee Kiosk, a B concourse center West Snack Kiosk and a C concourse center West Juice Kiosk.

“These concessions have been specifically selected as unique opportunities for smaller firms to independently operate as DEN concessionaires,” says Seneca Holmes, director of the DEN Commerce HUB, in a letter to prospective applicants.

The prerequisites for the new SBEC concession slots are that the applicant must be a US citizen or lawful permanent resident with a small, for-profit ongoing local business, a personal net worth of less than $1.32 million and three year average gross receipts of less than $8 million.

The SBEC applications for the four new concession locations must be submitted by December 1, Holmes says in the letter, with the formal RFP due in January 2020.