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DEN Welcomes Little Man Ice Cream

Concessionaire Tastes on the Fly and local ACDBE partner Innovative Retail Group have partnered to bring iconic, locally-owned Little Man Ice Cream to Denver International Airport (DEN).

Located in Terminal C near Gate 27, Little Man will provide travelers with home-made ice cream, sorbet, vegan flavors and their iconic ice cream Sammies. The airport location also offers several alcohol-infused options, including Strawberry Margarita Freeze, Whiskey Apple Pie and Oreo Java Spiced Rum.

Tastes 5280, a joint venture between local ACDBE Innovative Retail Group and Tastes on the Fly Restaurant Group, are behind the Little Man Ice Cream location at the airport.

“I’m excited to bring the city’s freshest and tastiest homemade ice cream to Denver International Airport,” says Huy Pham, president and CEO of Innovative Retail Group and Tastes 5280 partner. “Having worked my way up from various concessionaires at DEN in 2001, to becoming an ACDBE, and now a successful owner/operator, this is a dream come true!”