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Electric Cart Shuttle System Transports Passengers At JAX

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority has introduced and electric cart shuttle system for travelers at Jacksonville International (JAX).

The eco-friendly carts have replaced the regular shuttle buses in the airport’s daily surface parking lot, located directly behind the airport’s daily garage.

“These battery operated vehicles cost less to operate than our diesel shuttle buses, and they help reduce the environmental footprint of the airport,” says JAA Parking Administrator Nancy Coppen. “These carts are also more convenient for travelers as they save time getting to the terminal. The time saved compared to the buses is at least 15 minutes.”

The previously used shuttle buses had a 15-minute wait time between them; the new carts have only about a five-minute wait. They roam the parking lot, stopping to pick up anyone wishing to ride; the buses, however, had to stop at each of seven bus stops in the daily surface lot before bringing the travelers to the terminal.

There are two electric carts, each of which hold five passengers and luggage. The carts can be used for free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to and from the terminal.