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European Commission Reduces Confiscation of Duty Free Liquids

The European Commission announced Tuesday that it adopted a regulation allowing duty-free liquids bought in certain countries to transfer at airports in the European Union (EU).

The maximum quantity of liquids per container is 100 milliliters and they must be placed in transparent, small re-sealable plastic bags. The rules, according to media reports, mean passengers won’t have to abandon all liquids bought in third-country airports when transferring at EU airports.

Olivier Jankovec, director general for Airports Council International Europe, welcomed the decision in a statement. “We have been working relentlessly with the European Commission on this issue over the past months and I am very pleased that this new regulation has been adopted,” he says. “This regulation will progressively reduce the amount of liquids confiscated for the benefit of passengers and airports throughout Europe and we look forward to a fast implementation.”