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Faber To Accept MasterCard PayPass

  Faber, Coe & Gregg is expected to start accepting MasterCard PayPass at its more than 80 food and retail store locations.
  “Our customers are always on the go, and MasterCard PayPass provides an even faster way to pay at airports, train stations, interstate highways, and hotel food and retail locations, where speed and convenience are paramount,” says Burton Friedman, chief financial officer of Faber.  

  “Expanding our payment options to include MasterCard PayPass is an extension of our commitment at Faber to provide our customers with the most valuable and convenient shopping and travel experience.”
Customers can tap their PayPass-enabled MasterCard or device on the reader when checking out; they don’t have to sign receipts for purchases of less than $25.

  “MasterCard PayPass is a perfect fit for food and retail establishments located in transit hubs because it allows customers to quickly make their purchases and be on their way, instead of waiting in long lines,” says Denis Bouchard, group head of U.S. Merchant Product Sales.  “PayPass is becoming the preferred way to pay for consumers who are on the move, whether they are riding in a taxi, boarding a subway or rushing through an airport.”

  Faber will continue to offer traditional magnetic-stripe payment cards. Its brands include Hugo Boss, Taco, L’Occitane, Faber News Now and Dunkin’ Donuts.