Fraport Brings Fragrance Bar, Other Specialty Shops to PIT

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) and concessions program developer Fraport Pittsburgh have combined to bring a lot more to Western Pennsylvania air travelers this year, including The Galleria, a newly designed perfume shop where guests can experience a wide range of duty-free and duty-paid products first hand.

Other PIT offerings coming in the next few months include Perfectly Plane Fun, a new store/ interactive play space for children and their families, the watch, bags and accessories outlet Timeless Travel that will feature brands such as Michael Kors, Armani, Prada and Coach, The Candy Shoppe with specialty candies/treats, novelty sock store SoulMates, and baggallini, which will specialize in stylish, functional bags for the everyday traveler.

“Like any retail environment, our program at Pittsburgh International Airport is dynamic and evolves with consumer tastes and trends,” says Cathy Simoni, VP of Fraport Pittsburgh. “Our focus continues to be on serving the traveling public and giving passengers and guests a great experience at the airport.”