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Glorious Britain Stores To Open In Heathrow

Two Glorious Britain stores, owned by Alpha Group PLC,  will open in Heathrow’s Terminal 5 on March 27.

Several plasma screens at the store’s front will feature interactive life-size characters, including a Royal Footman, court jester and Shakespearian Bard.

 “We are delighted with our two new Glorious Britain store designs in this very British Terminal,” says Ben Deller, strategic marketing controller for Glorious Britain. “They feature everything that is memorable and exciting about Britain, and we feel that we have the perfect selection of products for the wide range of customers travelling through the terminal and looking for quality gifts and souvenirs.”

The Glorious Britain store in the new departure lounge will have a full-size 1989 Racing Green Mini, featuring the iconic Union Jack designed roof.   

Both stores have a range of environmental features including low-energy electrical equipment, environmentally friendly materials and timber floors from sustainable woodlands.  

The stores will offer T5 key rings, gifts featuring The Beatles logo and a selection of Robin Ruth London-designed products.