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Great Hall Partners Begins RFP Process For DEN’s Great Hall

Great Hall Partners has begun its RFP process for new concessions spaces for Denver International Airport’s (DEN) Great Hall. The Great Hall, which is located at the center of DEN’s Jeppesen Terminal, incorporates a large open space below a distinctive tent-inspired roof. Over the next four years, the Great Hall project will relocate and enhance the terminal’s security, increase its capacity, upgrade the terminal’s aging infrastructure and improve the terminal’s concessions program.

The first RFP – to be released later this month – will encompass 10 commercial spaces that will include both retail and food and beverage. The completed renovation will create 50 commercial units, totaling 63,000 square feet of space.

“Denver’s passenger mix and demographics present a highly attractive customer segment for retailers, services and restaurateurs alike,” notes Ignacio Castejon, CEO of Great Hall Partners. “We believe these passengers are ready to welcome new experiences into their airport.”

The company’s goal for the redevelopment of the Jeppesen Terminal is to create a customer experience that incorporates the culture of Denver with global influences and inspires passengers to relax instead of focusing on going from point A to point B.

“With the launch of the RFP process, Great Hall Partners aims to inspire a new type of airport retailing, one that’s driven by the call to entrepreneurship and the spirit of the New American West,” says Castejon. “These ambitions reflect the attitudes and interests of the people whom this terminal will serve: a fast-growing population that is smart, well-educated and adventurous, many of whom are frequent fliers with long dwell time and have high disposable income.”

More details about the RFP process will be unveiled at an informational event on April 16 at the Kimpton Hotel Born in Downtown Denver. During the presentation, Great Hall Partners will outline the RFP process and timeline and take questions from attendees. At the end of the event, the online application process will open on Great Hall Partners’ RFP page: rfp.greathallpartners.com. The site will not go live prior to the event.

Interested concessionaires should register online for the information session, as space is limited.

“Our goal for the launch event is to share our vision for this project, spark enthusiasm, and ultimately inspire forward-thinking concessionaires to propose a mix of local, regional, national and global concepts for the new concession space,” says Castejon. “With 61.4 million passengers and 19.7 million origin and destination (O&D) enplanements at Denver International Airport in 2017 alone, the new Great Hall design will present an incredible business opportunity for concessionaires.”