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Houston Airports Offer Free-Vend Women’s Products

Houston Airports, in collaboration with TRAX Analytics and Aunt Flow, are introducing free-vend period product dispensers from Aunt Flow, seamlessly integrated with TRAX Analytics’ SmartRestroom system for real-time data monitoring at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), and William P. Hobby Airport (HOU).

The strategic partnership between Houston Airports, TRAX Analytics, and Aunt Flow represents a commitment to prioritize passenger well-being and convenience. The free-vend period product dispenser from Aunt Flow is an innovative solution aimed at providing free, sanitary, and easily accessible high-quality period products for airport guests, Houston Airports look to exceed customer expectations at IAH and HOU by ensuring a continuous supply through real-time monitoring with TRAX Analytics—just as they do with other bathroom necessities like toilet paper and paper towels.

“We are proud to team up with TRAX Analytics and Aunt Flow to bring this groundbreaking solution to airport guests, setting a new standard in the airport experience,” said Liliana Rambo, chief terminal officer for Houston Airports. “We’re prioritizing our guests’ needs, ensuring they have convenient access to essential amenities whenever they need them, making their travel experience smoother and more comfortable.”

The real-time data insights provided by TRAX Analytics will not only facilitate efficient replenishment but also enable predictive analysis, ensuring a proactive approach to passenger needs.