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Hudson Brings First CMT Retail Store To Nashville International

Hudson Group and country music’s CMT will bring the network’s first retail store, CMT Loot, to Nashville International (BNA).

The store, which will be in Concourse C, will feature CMT apparel, CDs, DVDs and other Nashville-themed items.

“CMT is THE cable television channel for country fans, with the latest country-music oriented shows, videos and concerts,” says Joseph DiDomizio, executive vice president and chief operating officer of the Hudson Group.

“Located next to our Discover Nashville store, CMT Loot celebrates the culture and music that make Nashville great. … The airport authority has done a great job in envisioning an exciting new retail program, and the CMT Loot/Discover Nashville store is early evidence of what is yet to come.”

Brian Phillips, the executive vice president and general manager of CMT, says Hudson Group is helping the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority make BNA “a vibrant airport that reflects Nashville’s essence as a travel destination, and we are proud to be part of that new retail community.”