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Hudson, Flexplay Team Up

Hudson Group has inked a deal to be the exclusive retailer of Flexplay No-Return DVD Rental in airports and transportation terminals throughout North America beginning next month.

Flexplay DVDs will be available in about 200 Hudson News newsstands and Hudson Booksellers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Titles will be refreshed every four to six weeks, and the DVD company has licensing deals with Warner Home Video, Paramount Home Entertainment and DreamWorks.

“We are very excited about our exclusive partnership with Flexplay,” said Joe DiDomizio, president and chief executive officer of Hudson Group.  “We’ve been setting the pace in our stores with travelers’ necessities, convenience products, as well as food, beverage and comfort items that the airlines have been cutting back on. With Flexplay, we can now add to this list affordable and convenient option for customers’ in-flight entertainment needs.”  

Flexplay gives the customer two days to watch the DVD once the sealed package is opened. The DVD can be watched at any point after purchase.

 “With this new retail agreement with Hudson Group, we have taken another important step toward fulfilling our mission to provide a more convenient and effective DVD rental alternative that offers customers complete flexibility,” said Joe Fuller, executive vice president of marketing for Flexplay.  “The traveling consumer is a key target for us, and we hope to provide this customer set with a DVD rental option that is easy to enjoy during travel.”

The DVDs are recyclable, and Hudson News outlets will offer recycling bins. Discs can also be placed in most regular plastic recycling.