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iinside Launches iFlow Motion Analytics

Anaheim. CA-based iinside this week introduces iFlow, a comprehensive motion analytics platform that uses sensors and analytics to provide airports with valuable insights into passenger movement for improving service levels, increasing operational efficiencies and enhancing revenue.

iFlow is currently available to select airport customers through an early adopter program with general availability expected early next year. Featuring a mix of sensors and machine learning algorithms, iinside says IFlow can provide curb-to-gate visibility of passengers or enable airports to focus on specific areas such as security, concessions, rideshare pickup and drop-off areas, and even restrooms.

“iFlow gives airports new insights they’ve never had before,” says Steve Moody, VP of business development for iinside. “For instance, the airport concessions director could compare a typical Delta passenger’s travel habits to that of a typical Southwest or JetBlue passenger. iFlow will also offer aggregated insights into passenger dwell times, such as how long passengers spend in ticketing versus baggage claim, or versus the gate lounge – all without compromising individual passenger identities.”

iFlow is a data-driven solution that can scale quickly, iinside says. When deployed across a terminal, iFlow will be able to help airports better understand the passenger journey, providing vital statistics on passenger departures by gate, carrier and destination, when passengers arrive prior to departure, and how many passengers dwell in retail areas versus visiting airline lounges.

As iFlow evolves, airport operators will also be able to explore trends such as average spending habits of passengers flying to various locations or during different days of the week.