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iQueue Relaunches Registered Traveler Program At IND

The Registered Traveler program has re-emerged.

The Indianapolis Airport Authority has chosen iQueue to relaunch the program at Indianapolis International (IND), which will be the first airport to re-establish RT service since the program shut down in June when the former provider, Verified Identity Pass Inc. ceased operations.

“We selected iQueue based on their extensive RT experience and Cogent’s successful implementation of similar programs,” said John Clark, IAA’s executive director and CEO. “RT is consistent with our commitment to deliver exceptional customer service.”

iQueue is a partnership of Cogent, Inc., ARINC, FLO Corp. and International RAM Associates.

The program began pre-enrollments May 6 at its Web site, www.flyiqueue.com, and will begin operations at IND at a date to be announced; it is in discussions with other airports about launching the program. The program will give members expedited access to the screening checkpoint, allowing greater predictability in travel schedules.

“Cogent and the iQueue team are excited that Indianapolis is the first airport to re-launch RT services,” says Jim Jasinski, executive vice president of Cogent. “We’re delighted to be working with IAA to provide this valuable customer service and look forward to providing this benefit to travelers across the nation.”

Once the online application has been completed, an iQueue member will go to an in-person enrollment center at the airport or one of Cogent’s enrollment locations in the Indianapolis area to provide data such as fingerprint and iris images, as well as approved documents. Once processed, all information is stored on the customer’s iQueue Card. At a security checkpoint, the traveler presents his card for verification to gain expedited access to the screening checkpoint.

“iQueue will be another value-added service for our passengers as we continue to explore innovative new ways to provide our passengers with a superior airport experience,” says Mark Hedegard, IAA’s senior director of business development.

The national RT program will also include preferred parking, airport club access and airport retail discounts, as well as local restaurant, golf, spa, tennis, health club, mortgage and auto lease-purchase discounts.
Annual iQueue membership is $149 with discounts for families, multiple-year memberships and negotiated volume corporate purchases.  iQueue will offer a special introductory annual membership rate of $99 during the first 90 days of lane operations at IND.  

iQueue will also provide former members of the defunct CLEAR and Preferred Traveler Programs an additional six months of complimentary membership in the iQueue RT program as credit for the time remaining on their previous memberships.

“With the re-launch of RT, 200,000 former RT members, as well as many prospective new members, can enjoy the predictable checkpoint experience that had previously been in place,” says Fred Fischer, iQueue’s managing partner.