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It’s “Juneteenth” at Hudson Booksellers: Celebrating an Under-celebrated American Holiday

Hudson Booksellers, the nation’s #1 airport bookseller, is this week celebrating “Juneteenth,” an annual day of national self-reflection of particular interest to the African-American community.

“Juneteenth,” short for June 19th, commemorates the day that the last slaves (Texans) were informed that slavery had ended in the United States. The event, also known as Emancipation Day and Freedom Day, has been quietly observed since 1865 with picnics, barbecues and prayer services.

As part of its ongoing Hue-Man program promoting diversity in literature, Hudson this week remembers Juneteenth with attractive displays in all 70 airport bookstores. Travelers can stop in and find the work of great African American authors past and present – from Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni and Toni Morrison to Barack Obama, Ralph Ellison and Richard Wright.

Notes Sara Hinckley, vice president, book buying and promotions, “Juneteenth at Hudson Booksellers is a great opportunity both to revisit classics of literature and to discover new voices…to recall familiar views while entertaining new visions, hopes and dreams for the future.”