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JFK Terminal 4 Introduces Aira for Blind, Low Vision Travelers

Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International (JFK) this week becomes the first area airport offering Aira Access to provide blind or low-vision travelers with instant access to enhanced visual information and real-time service to navigate the terminal.

Aira Access lets passengers at JFK T4 use a smartphone app to connect with an agent, who then uses the video stream from the phone’s camera, GPS, and other web data to provide visual descriptions so that passengers that are blind or have low vision can confidently move through crowds, avoid obstacles and arrive at their desired locations on time.

Aira Access also provides flight status updates, and can assist in finding gates and luggage, using self-service kiosks and navigating through TSA checkpoints. JFK T4 joins more than 30 airports across the world deploying Aira Access for travelers.

“At T4, we are always looking for ways to better serve our passengers, and Aira Access is an excellent tool for improving the airport experience for those travelers who are blind or low vision,” says Roel Huinink, president/CEO of JFKIAT, operators of the terminal. “We are proud to be the first New York City airport terminal to bring this service on board to continue improving the customer experience at T4.”