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Lambert gets parking lot back

Work on Lambert-St. Louis International’s Main Terminal parking garage that has stretched over nearly seven years will finally be largely complete  by the end of October.

The project ended up costing more than $19M, which was almost 50% over budget. While the ramp has remained open the entire time the airport has frequently had to block off areas and detour travelers in order to complete the work, says Jeff Lea, spokesman.

Work from here to completion in the 1,800-space garage will cause little disruption. The lengthy project involved a new lighting system and heavy structural and cosmetic repairs that were more involved than originally expected, but the end result is positive.

“It’s a safer lighter parking garage that should carry out 20 years or longer,” Lea says, adding that airport officials are glad they were able to complete the renovation rather than having to tear down the existing structure and build new.

“It’s definitely been a frustration and a headache because of the detours and stuff,” he says. “But we were able to do it cheaper than a new garage plus we were able to keep it open.”