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LEX Announces Plans to Expand Parking Amid Strong Growth

Lexington, KY’s Blue Grass Airport (LEX) is embarking on a plan to boost parking at the airport, while also expanding the cell phone waiting area.

As part of a $5.8 million construction project currently underway, the airport’s current 640-vehicle long-term parking lot will soon be enlarged to accommodate nearly 1,000 vehicles.

“In the last five years, Blue Grass Airport has experienced over 20 percent passenger growth,” says LEX executive director Eric Frankl. “To accommodate this growth, a comprehensive parking project is underway to ensure we are providing parking in the most popular locations. Long-term parking continues to be a preference for many of our customers, and therefore, it is the primary point of emphasis for this project.”

The expanded lot will feature a covered walkway to protect travelers during bad weather. The airport also plans to build a 40-space cell phone lot that will eventually include an observation/picnic area so families can watch airplanes landing and taking off.

LEX is also designating a section of its terminal curbside for rideshare pick-up services.