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Massport OKs $30M For Centralized Security Checkpoint

A centralized security checkpoint has been approved for Boston Logan International’s (BOS) Terminal C.

The new checkpoint, for which the Massachusetts Port Authority has approved $30M, will consolidate existing checkpoints at either end of the terminal that house United Airlines, jetBlue, Midwest and Cape Air. Passengers will find flight connections easier because they will no longer need to go through additional screening.

“By consolidating the existing checkpoints and increasing to 14 the number of new lanes, we hope to alleviate the longer than acceptable delays in passenger screening that often occurs during peak travel times,” says Edward C. Freni, aviation director for Massport. The current checkpoints have 5 lanes each. “We have been carefully monitoring the wait times at lanes, and working with the Transportation Security Administration to develop this 21st century solution for a terminal built in the 1960s.”

The new checkpoint will be behind the jetBlue check-in counters and will accommodate the scheduled release of the new TSA checkpoint screening equipment. A new post-security corridor linking United Airlines and jetBlue will also be built over the existing bag room area.

Construction is slated to begin this fall and is expected to take one year. When finished, many concessions that are currently pre-security will have their entrances changed to be post-security access.