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MIA Unveils Art Exhibition

The Miami-Dade Aviation Department’s Fine Arts and Cultural Affairs Division has broadened the range of rotating art exhibits at Miami International (MIA).

Hand Made aims to showcase handcrafts from countries worldwide and also raise awareness of the socio-economic issues those cultures face. The program is also the inauguration of the Southern Terminal Art Gallery.

Siesta, a collection of hand-woven products including ceremonial hammocks and bags by the Wayuu people of La Guajira in northern Colombia, is the first exhibit in the program. It also includes more than 30 photos documenting the culture’s way of life.

“Hand Made is designed to provide passengers with a culturally enriching experience that also promotes social responsibility and the preservation of artisans’ local traditions,” said MDAD Fine Arts and Cultural Affairs Division Director Yolanda Sanchez. “Things made by hand generate a powerful energy that brings us all together as human beings. Our hope is that these exhibitions foster support for artisan empowerment, cultural integrity and self-sustainable options for communities throughout the world.”

The Siesta exhibit runs through Oct. 31 in the South Terminal Gallery on the fourth level mezzanine of Terminal J. It is being sponsored in part by Chevron and SURrevolution.