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Minute Suites Coming to JFK Terminal 4

Minute Suites says it will open its ninth U.S. location at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) Terminal 4 to provide travelers with a retreat inside security to sleep, relax or work.

Expected to open next year, the new location in B Concourse of Terminal 4 will feature a futuristic storefront and amenities that include a daybed sofa that transforms into a bed, a sound masking system and personal thermostat allowing for complete environmental control, a functional workstation with Wi-Fi, and entertainment options that include Netflix or DIRECTV.

Suites will be able to be booked with a one hour minimum followed by 15-minute increments. An eight-hour day rate and a flat overnight rate are also available. Showers are booked separately in 30- minute increments with special pricing for guests renting a suite in addition to a shower.  Reservations can be made with the brand-new Minute Suites Mobile app, available for download via Android and iOS.

“We are fortunate and humbled to be finally landing in the New York metro area at the busiest international terminal in North America,” says Daniel Solomon, Minute Suites co-founder and director. “Our team looks forward to working with JFKIAT (operator of JFK Terminal 4) to enhance the airport experience with our Traveler’s Retreat.”