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New Hudson Store Design Unveiled

Hudson this week unveils a revamped and innovative airport store design for 2020 that features more digital displays and interchangeable modular walls that lets each store be customized for the local market.

“Our refreshed design concept will grab customers at the door and draw them all the way into the back of the store – giving us the opportunity to customize each store to make it more enticing to travelers and profitable for our travel-hub partners,” says Brian Quinn, executive vice president and chief operating officer.

The new store design will be launched in key markets early next year, and feature flexible store models can be adapted at any time to meet the local needs of airport travelers, including creating seasonal displays, enhancing select product categories and making swift changes to put the latest sporting swag on display for the big game.

Hudson’s next generation store concept also will include self-check-out stations to create quick and stress-free transactions for its always on-the-go travelers. Next year, Hudson is also rolling out the “Hudson Blue” mobile app that allow loyal travelers to connect with their Hudson store from their mobile device and gather insight on products and promotions at any given time.

“As the world of travel changes and evolves with new technology, it is our obligation to evolve the product offerings, transactional capabilities, and overall store model,” says Roger Fordyce, Hudson CEO. “In addition to the unique digital elements, our next generation store concept is the perfect platform to not only expand Hudson’s current retail offerings and partnership categories, but more importantly allows product mix and transactional flexibility to evolve as our customers and trends evolve.”