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OAK Adds Short Story Dispensers

Oakland International Airport (OAK) is partnering with innovative French company Short Édition to provide free Short Story Dispensers to engage passengers while they wait for flights.

The two Short Story Dispensers, one in each of OAK’s two terminals, are the first in any California airport and in the first two weeks of operations combined to distribute slightly less than 2000 stories to travelers.

One-minute, three-minute, and five-minute stories by over 9,000 authors, including options for both children and adults, are available through the kiosks. Once the story length is selected, a printed papyrus unfurls on eco-friendly paper with no waste, no ink and no cartridge.

“Like Oakland itself, our customers are diverse, savvy and cultured, and in true Oakland spirit, they’re responding very positively to thoughtful, people-focused improvements like the new Short Story Dispensers,” says Bryant Francis, OAK director.

The short story dispensers arrive as OAK undertakes the complete overhaul of its airport dining program, including temporary pop-up cafés to provide for travelers until a number of Oakland-inspired eateries open next year.