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O’Bannon Elected To Lead AMAC

The Airport Minority Advisory Council has a new chairman.

Don O’Bannon, vice president for small and emerging business at Dallas/Fort Worth International (DFW), was elected to the position at the annual AMAC conference in Indiana on May 31-June 3. For the past year, he had been second vice chair and has been involved with the organization since he joined DFW.

“As the new chairman of Airport Minority Advisory Council, I would like to work with the FAA to encourage policies and procedures that address the economic realities of DMWBE’s doing business in an airport environment,” said O’Bannon. “The council strives to ensure that new opportunities are made available to all business, both large and small.”

O’Bannon has led the department at DFW, where he assists Disadvantaged, Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises, for six years. His work there will continue during his 24-month tenure with AMAC.

“DFW has a world class small and emerging business department that has received recognition from many segments of the business community,” said Jeff Fegan, DFW’s chief executive officer. “Don and his team have brought greater competition to the marketplace, for not only the airport for but the whole DFW region. Small businesses have had the chance at DFW to work on big projects and then leverage their success for additional work outside of the airport environment.”

He holds a B.A. degree from Dartmouth College and a law degree from the University of Virginia.