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OHM Offers Hydration Station At ACY

OHM Concession Group has deployed technology that allows travelers to self-serve any cold liquid from a “hydration station” kiosk at Atlantic City International Airport (ACY). Using technology from Hawthorne, Calif.-based Drink Command, the kiosk at ACY features a range of non-alcoholic cold drinks available in a self-service format.

A planned rollout at the new Kansas City International Airport (MCI) will allow for alcoholic beverages as well, with a biometric age verification system and a feature that allows the operator to determine frequency of alcoholic beverage pours to an individual.

Richard Chinsammy, executive vice president and business development officer at OHM, says the company was looking for a self-pour technology to minimize labor usage and maximize passenger satisfaction.

“As a customer, you get to choose what you want to pour, and you can choose to pour a little or a lot [of liquid],” Chinsammy says. “The system can pour anything – wine, kambucha, coffee, tea, beer, mixed drinks. And it has a socially responsible drinking program, with age verification that can verify the user’s age in 15 seconds.” The system uses biometrics to ensure the ID carrier is the person actually making the purchase.