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PHL Adds Automated PARCS System

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) has installed a new Parking Access Revenue Control System (PARCS) in the airport’s economy parking lot, to provide passengers with easier ways to enter and pay for parking at the airport. The system was developed and installed by Orbility.

With PARCS, exit lanes will have overhead signs showing which lanes are for credit card payments and which lanes are for cash payments. Customers paying with credit cards will exit using the designated credit card self-payment lanes. At exit, they will scan the QR code on their parking tickets and complete payment by tapping or inserting their credit card.  They can also pay using Apple Pay or Google Pay on their phones or watches.

“Our new system will offer guests a faster, more streamlined process for exiting the parking facility,” said Kate Sullivan, PHL deputy director of strategic partnerships. “Our PARCS combines equipment and software that facilitate parking in our parking garages and lots, including ticket machines, gate arms and payment machines.”