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PIT To Produce SAF On Site With New Partnership

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) is bringing more sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) infrastructure to its campus, thanks to a new partnership with SkyClean US Energy Inc. to open the first on-site SAF production facility at a major U.S. airport.

i Using Swedish biofuels technology, SkyClean’s SAF reduces carbon emissions by 50 percent. The SkyClean production site will be able to produce 25 million gallons of unblended SAF annually, with the potential to expand up to 75 million gallons — enough to supply fueling needs at both PIT and airports throughout the Midwest and Northeast. The facility is part of a larger initiative to develop sustainable fuel at PIT, who previously announced a partnership with KeyState Energy and natural gas company CNX Resources Corporation to produce hydrogen and SAF.

“The aviation industry must earn its right to grow, and SAF is of the utmost priority. We at PIT are all in,” said PIT CEO Christina Cassotis. “Pittsburgh is once again leading the way on energy toward a more sustainable future.”