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PRN Launches Ascend Media Network

Looking to fill a void after CNN ended the CNN Airport Network early this year, PRN this week announced the launch of Ascend Media Network to provide airport travelers with a modern viewing experience and provide brands an innovative advertising platform.

“We’ve lined up an A-list of content partners (networks, sports leagues, travel and lifestyle), and we’re bringing tremendous innovation to the airport media business, including gate-specific destination content, up-to-the-minute local content feeds, premium social, streaming, online video partnerships, mobile integration and Ascend Media original programing,” said Kevin Carbone, CEO of PRN,

Ascend Media Network will feature custom displays, optimal directional sound, integrated hardware and software, a next-gen content management system, screen-level targeting, dayparting, programmatic enablement and advanced viewer analytics.

Though actual airport participants have yet been named. PRN stressed its commitment to the airport media space.  “Airports who are considering new media channels are in an amazing position to innovate right now,” said Carbone. “While they need to move quickly, we’re prepared to make it a smooth transition, with airports actually in a better position than before.”

PRN is part of the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies, which provide end-to-end solutions providing hardware, software, services and support, driving content to 44,000 screens for major brands in 14,250 locations.