ReachMe.TV Strikes Deal With Tribeca Film Festival

ReachMe.TV and Tribeca Film Festival have partnered to bring Tribeca’s short-form films and content to the ReachTV Entertainment Network. This channel will feature a collection of short films curated by Tribeca Film Festival programmers.

ReachMe.TV plans to use its multi-channel platform, the ReachTV Entertainment Network, to create a “short-film ecosystem.” The company has already launched its series of Tribeca Film Festival promotion on ReachTV’s multi-million viewer Airport Channel.

After short films have aired at the Tribeca film festival, they will begin airing in a curated rotation on ReachTV’s network of airport, retail and hotel channels, which reach more than 100 million viewers every month in the top airports in the United States and Canada, plus more than 1 million hotel rooms in more than 5,000 premium hotels across the United States.

“The format-restrictive world of television and film has not kept up with the massive consumer shift toward shorter-engagement entertainment,” says Lynnwood Bibbens, co-founder of ReachMe.TV. “We think the time is right to bring new, shorter-format films to a much broader, global audience, and there is no better brand to represent the absolute best of breed shorts than Tribeca.”