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ReachTV, NFL Ink Deal to Air Football in Airports

ReachTV this week announced a multi-year licensing rights agreement with the National Football League (NFL) that will see ReachTV air national NFL games across more than 2,500 of their owned-and-operated screens in more than 85 airports throughout the country.

The multi-year deal gives ReachTV the exclusive rights to air NFL games across airports, including Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football and the complete slate of national games on Sunday. It will also include the Playoffs and Super Bowl.

“This new deal allows us to ensure that those traveling on game day are able to enjoy the NFL on their travel journey,” said Lynnwood Bibbens, ReachTV’s founder and CEO. “Using our ReachTV broadcast technology, we can ensure that travelers on the way from Philadelphia are able to see the Eagles or from Minneapolis can watch the Vikings while they wait for their flight.”

The deal will allow the NFL to utilize ReachTV’s extensive research and data from their thousands of screens, giving them the opportunity to geo-target game programming based on travelers’ interests, destination and viewing habits for the first time. It will also enable the NFL to access ReachTV’s screens for their vast library of content that can also reach appropriate audiences at the nation’s busiest airports.

“We are thrilled to come to an agreement with ReachTV to air NFL games,” said Hedy Chen, NFL director of media strategy and business development. “Having access to ReachTV’s extensive network of televisions in airports across the country allows us to continue to serve our fans and provide them with the ability to watch our games wherever they may be.”